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Colonoscopy STEP-by-STEP Instructions

You’ve successfully booked your COLONOSCOPY!
We’re excited to see you soon! BEFORE WE BEGIN there are few IMPORTANT STEPS we’d like to review with you:

# 1: Watch this introduction video to colonoscopy:

Preparing for your colonoscopy: Source AGA

# 2: Let’s get your bowel prep ready for pickup.

If you do not already have your bowel preparation, please provide us your pharmacy name and address at least 7 days before your procedure. This can be done by emailing us at or calling us at 312-767-3244. Once we have this information, our team will send the bowel preparation to your pharmacy.
Pick up the bowel preparation from your pharmacy. Please review our bowel preparation page for additional instructions based on the type of bowel prep.
If you are unable to get your bowel prep in time or prefer an over the counter option, please refer to our over the counter Miralax Prep option.

#3: Register for our Patient Portal. 

Register for an MDHN Patient Portal account. The Patient Portal is a secure and convenient online platform that allows you to view your endoscopy results, medical records, send non-urgent messages to your MDHN team, schedule appointments, request medication refills, and make online payments. 

# 4: Review your medications.

Please review our general medication guidelines at least ONE WEEK PRIOR. Be sure to consult with your prescribing provider if you have any additional questions especially if taking blood thinners or diabetic medications.

# 5: Prepare for your endoscopy.

Please refer to our bowel preparation page for specific instructions on diet and your bowel preparation. Typically the first dose is at 5pm the night prior to your procedure and the second dose is 6 hours prior to your procedure arrival time.

# 6: Confirm your procedure location and ride home.

Please check the location and time of your upcoming procedure as we have multiple practice locations. Please note, you must arrive 1 hour prior to your scheduled appointment time.
Due to the sedation during your procedure, you MUST have an adult (age 18+) friend/family driver remain in the building throughout the entire procedure and AVAILABLE to drive you home after your procedure. Taxi/cab, Uber/Lyft, bus and medical transport are NOT acceptable rides home unless accompanied by an adult (age 18+) friend/family member.


Still have questions? No problem, let’s do this right. Email or call us at 312-767-3244 and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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